Startups and other for-profit businesses

If you are making a request for a for-profit organization, you can submit a request through the link below. This is paid work. We will be able to quote you once we know more about your project and organization.

UT organizations and Austin non-profits

If you are making a request for a UT organization or Austin non-profit you can submit an application for pro bono work. The projects we are looking to take on in this area are though that would add value to our designers portfolios. (Large scale projects such as rebrands)


Tandem design request timeline




Submit a design request through this form.

While we are able to offer pro-bono work to UT Austin affiliated student organizations and local Austin non-profits, we do ask other entities to be open to an affordable, case-by-case price.




We will email you letting you know if we are able to take your project on.




One of our designers will meet with you in person to get a better understanding of the project.




Your designer will keep in contact sending you drafts throughout the process.




After your approval, we will send you final drafts including the working files!