Startups and other for-profit businesses

Making a request for a for-profit organization? We will be able to quote you once we know more about your project and organization. Look below to get more information about scheduling a pitch for your project.

UT organizations and Austin non-profits

If you are making a request for a UT organization or Austin non-profit we do some pro bono work. The projects we are looking to take on in this area are those that would add value to our designers portfolios and help the community. Look below to get more information about scheduling a pitch for your project.


Tandem design request timeline




Schedule a slot to pitch your project to the team below. There is an option to video chat if you are unable to physically come in. If you are unable to make any of the times email us and we will schedule a one on one meeting. After our meeting we will present your project to the team. One thing to note is your project is far more likely to be picked up if you present the project yourself. No one is better at conveying your mission than you!




Pitch your project to our team of designers. Bring slides, handouts or anything you need to spark interest. We take projects based on designer interest and availability.

What we like:

  1. Inspiring mission

  2. Large projects - If it’s just a flyer or shirt there probably won’t be a lot of interest. If its creating an entire brand it’s more likely to be picked up. (We are also looking to build our photo/video and UX/web development portfolios so those projects are likely to be picked up.)




We will email you letting you know if your project was picked up. In the email you will receive the names and contact information of the designers on your project. At this point we will also provide you with a quote if you do not fit in the pro bono work category.




Your designers will keep in contact sending you drafts throughout the process. In order to assure the quality of the work and better our designers we critique drafts and other work at our weekly meetings.




After your approval, we will send over an invoice if you have a paid project. After payment you will receive the deliverables for your project!